Receiving a recommendation from Thomas Sazani M.D. is completely confidential. At Thomas Sazani M.D. patient-doctor confidentiality is ABSOLUTE. Your information as a patient is never released without your written consent.

Do you qualify?

Given the wording of Proposition 215, any patient who states that marijuana "provides relief" qualifies for medical marijuana use. Most patients are surprised at how easy and brief this process is. In order to qualify to use cannabis (marijuana, hashish) you must have a reccomendation from a licensed medical physician. The most common qualifying conditions are sleep difficulties and pain from numerous causes such as headaches, injuries, arthritis, PMS, etc...Many people worry about this part of the process, but such worry is unfounded. The doctors at Thomas Sazani M.D. specialize in medical marijuana evaluations and are already sympathetic to this anxiety. They do not react in a negative manner to the patient's desire to use medical marijuana legally. Medical records are rarely needed and most problems (e.g. pain, difficulty sleeping) are such that usually no records exist. It's just a matter of speaking to the doctor and allowing him to evaluate your need for a recommendation based on your symptoms and history.